Environmental Health Engineering

Department of Environmental Health Engineering

Message from the head of the department

Dear students/applicants,

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and current students in the Department of Environmental Health Engineering, I welcome you to School of Health at SUMS.

As a graduate student in our department, you will have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills in development, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based interventions to promote healthy behaviors and make your contribution effectively to improve the health status and wellbeing of populations; i.e., children, youths, women, and elderly people. Faculty members in the department come from diverse academic backgrounds and their research interests encompass a broad array of important topics, including water quality and treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste collection and disposal, air pollution, waste biotechnology, bioremediation, soil pollution, environmental health impact assessment, etc. Faculty members in the department support research projects that provide opportunities for student involvement, and they welcome your participation.

After graduation, you will find opportunities to use your knowledge to make an impact on health promotion and aging in a variety of settings, including governmental agencies, the private sector, healthcare settings, and academic institutions.

We are here to facilitate your education and we look forward to working with you towards achieving these targets.

Abolfazl Azhdarpoor, PhD, M.Sc.

Associate professor and head of the department

E-mail: Azhdarpoor@sums.ac.ir


The Department of Environmental Health Engineering was founded in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1988 and is now one of the basic science departments of School of Health. The Department of Environmental Health Engineering currently includes seven full-time faculty members. The department also has 111 undergraduate students, 25 M.Sc. students, and eight PhD candidates in Environmental Health Engineering.

Vision and Mission


Top education and research center in the field of Environmental Health Engineering across the country, especially south of Iran.


Department of Environmental Health Engineering at School of Health, with qualified academic staff and well-equipped laboratories, has the following goals:

1. Improving the quality of educational and research activities

2. Conducting applied research and industry-related projects regarding environmental health problems and challenges

3. Providing technical and consultation environmental health services requested by sectors and industries, especially in south of Iran

4. Further development of environmental health knowledge and practice at national and international levels through educational and research activities

Research Goals of the Department of Environmental Health Engineering

· Removal of pollutants from water, air, and soil

· Biodegradation of hazardous compounds in water and soil

· Solid wastes collection and disposal

· Improving the environmental health of public places

Academic Staff

Name and official photo

Tel. (Ext.)

Areas of service


Iman Rostami

37251001 (402)

Educational assistant


Fereshte Karami

37251001 (403)

Educational assistant


Alireza Abbasi

37251001 (285)

Laboratory expert


Shima Bahrami

37251001 (285)

Laboratory expert


Jamileh Ekhlasi

37251001 (277)

Laboratory expert


Laboratories and Facilities

Educational Labs

· Laboratory of environmental chemistry

· Laboratory of environmental microbiology

· Laboratory of air pollution control

· Laboratory of solid waste management

· Hydraulic laboratory

· Drawing room

Research Labs

· Analytical chemistry lab

· Air pollution control lab

· Microbiology lab

· Chemistry lab (wet lab)

Lab Equipment

· Water distillator, fraction collector, heater stirrer, multi heater/stirrer RT5 synthesizer (solid and solution phase), pH meter, TDS and EC meters, ORP meter

· Gas chromatography (GC-FID, GC-ECD, GC-TCD)

· Atomic absorption spectrometer (Flame, GF, HG)

· Spectrophotometer (DR 5000)

· Oven, vacuum oven, and furnace

· Extraction equipment (SPE, SPME, head space)


· Ion chromatography (EC detector)

· Polarograph 797 metrohm

· Bomb calorimeter

· Gas analyzer IMR 1500

· Particle counter GRIMM 1.109

· Microbial air sampler microflow

· Different air sampling and syringe pumps

· High volume air sampler

· UV light meter A, B, and C

· Radiation scanner

· -80 freezer

· Incubator and autoclave

Educational Programs

1. Undergraduate Courses

Program name

Academic assistant

Study period

Eligible disciplines for


Environmental Health Engineering

Abolfazl Azhdarpoor

4 years


2. Postgraduate Courses: M.Sc. Programs and Courses

Program name

Academic assistant

Study period

Eligible disciplines for application

Environmental Health Engineering

Abolfazl Azhdarpoor

2-3 years

Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health

Engineering, Civil Engineering,

Chemistry, Chemistry

Engineering, Public Health,

Occupational Health, Mechanics,


3. Postgraduate Courses: PhD Programs and Courses

Program name

Academic assistant

Study period

Eligible disciplines for application

Environmental Health Engineering

Abolfazl Azhdarpoor

4-5 years

M.Sc. degree in Environmental


Engineering, Environmental

Engineering, Water and

Wastewater Engineering, Civil

Engineering, Human

Ecology, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering

4. PhD Candidates



Areas of interest

Resume and contact info.

Ahmad Badeenezhad

Dr. Azhdarpoor




Samaneh Shahsavani


Dr. Dehghani

Air pollution



Fariba Abbasi


Dr. Samaei

Solid waste



Saeid Rostami


Dr. Azhdarpoor

Air pollution


Narges Shamsedini

Dr. Azhdarpoor



Hakimeh Teiri

Dr. Azhdarpoor

Air pollution


Majid Radfard

Dr. Azhdarpoor

Risk assessment


Roya Morovati

Dr. Hoseini

Air pollution


For more details and application, please contact:

Abdolrahim Asadollahi, PhD, MSc., GGDP

International Applicants Affairs

E-mail: a_asadollahi@sums.ac.ir

Tel.: (+98)- 71- 37251001

Fax: (+98)- 71- 37260225

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