Occupational Health and Safety Engineering

Message from the Head of the Department

Dear students/applicants,

Welcome to the Department of Occupational Health and safety Engineering (OHSE) at school of Health, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS).

Occupational Heath (OH), commonly referred to as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), occupational hygiene, industrial hygiene, or Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety and health of people at work. The goal of occupational health programs is fostering a safe and healthy work environment, which is one of the main concerns of today’s business.

As a student of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, you will develop theoretical understanding and practical skills to be able to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control the environmental factors and hazards in the workplace. Our program provides a broad spectrum of courses, research projects, labs, and internship to give you the expertise and proficiency needed for risk and exposure assessment of harmful agents and hazards in workplaces.

Our students have tremendous opportunities in industrial, governmental, academic, and private organizations. Occupational health is one of the main components of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management system, which is nowadays common across all country's sectors, including industry and services.

Bachelor and Master graduates of OHSE fill positions in all industrial companies, especially oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, steel, mines, hospitals, and municipalities across the country. Indeed, some will be involved in governmental health centers as occupational health officers and inspectors. Moreover, they have the chance to start their own business for providing occupational health and safety services to companies, which is mandatory by low for all companies.

PhD graduates have this chance to be employed in universities and academic and research centers as university professors or researchers to be involved in teaching and performing research activates in the field of OHES and HSE.

This department aims to instruct preferred experts with all the required qualifications by OHS profession. We are pleased to share this program with you.

Mehdi Jahangiri, PhD, M.Sc.

Associate professor and head of the department

E-mail: Jahngiri_m@sums.ac.ir


Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (OHSE) at School of Health began to educate students in 1993 and graduated students with associate degrees. Due to the large work area in Iran and the need for occupational health and safety specialists, the department expanded its mission to offer programs leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in OHSE. The department includes 10 full, associate, and assistant professors as full-time faculty members. They engage in research, education, activities, and industry-related projects in five main branches of occupational health, including

- Harmful chemical agents (evaluation of workplace air pollutants, occupational exposure monitoring, industrial ventilation design and evaluation, and air condition system design and evaluation)

- Occupational toxicology (pulmonotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, hematotoxicity, toxicology of metals and irritant gases, and toxicology of organic solvents)

- Harmful physical agents (noise and vibration assessment and control system design, heat, cold, and moisture assessment and control, lighting design and assessment, and radiation safety)

- Ergonomics (work-related musculoskeletal disorders, work physiology, workstation design, job stress, shift work, and product ergonomics)

- Industrial safety (risk assessment, safety culture, human reliability, human error assessment, etc.)

Currently, the department has 120 B.Sc. and 18 M.Sc. students and 12 PhD candidates.


Top education and research center in the field of Occupational Health and Safety across the country, specially south of Iran.

Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering at School of Health, with qualified academic staff and well-equipped laboratories, has the following goals:

1. Improving the quality of educational and research activities

2. Conducting applied research and industry-related projects regarding OHS problems and challenges

3. Providing OHS technical and consultation services requested by sectors and industries, especially in south of Iran

4. Further development of OHS knowledge and practice at national and international levels through educational and research activities


Academic Staff


Scientific degree


Saeed Shaban Sarvestani

- Laboratory supervisor

- Chemical agents lab technician


Laila Keshavarz

- Analytical chemistry lab



Mojdeh Ranjbar

- Analytical chemistry lab



Sajad Hoshyar

- Internship program officer

- Safety lab technician


Tahereh Darvishi

Student service administrator


Shekoofeh Taheri

Administrative assistant


Seyedeh Farideh Mousavi

Administrative assistant



Department Divisions

Educational Labs

· Laboratory of physical agents (acoustic lab, noise and vibration lab, heating and humidity lab, acoustic lab)

· Laboratory of chemical agents (air sampling lab)

 · Industrial safety laboratory and workshop (fire safety lab, personal protective equipment lab, electrical safety lab,

· construction safety lab)

· Ergonomics lab (cardiopulmonary exercise testing system, pulsimeter, ergocycle)

· Laboratory of industrial ventilation

· Toxicology laboratory

· Laboratory of occupational medicine (audiometry, spirometry, and optometry)

Research Labs

· Laboratory for chemical hazard and toxicology

· Synthesis labs of sorbents and nanosorbents/catalysts

· Molecular modeling lab

Lab Equipment

· Rotary evaporator, water distillator, fraction collector, heater stirrer, multi heater/stirrer RT5, parallel synthesizer (solid and solution phase), pH meter, flourimeter, FTIR, UV

· Gas chromatography (GC-FID, GC-ECD, GC-TCD)

· GC/MS (equipped with autosampler and head space)

· Atomic absorption spectrometer (flame, GF, HG)

· Spectrophotometer

· Oven, vacuum oven, and furnace

· Extraction equipment (SPE, SPME, head space)


· Ion chromatography (EC detector)

· Flame photometer

· Different air sampling and syringe pumps

Educational Program
1. Undergraduate Courses  

Eligible disciplines for application

Study period

Academic assistant

Program name

Diploma in Mathematics

and Experimental


4 years

Mehdi Jahangiri

Occupational Health Engineering


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